About Us


At Aspire Activewear we are not just passionate about bringing you a superior athletic clothing line at an affordable price, but we are also passionate about your personal journey as you aspire to reach your individual health and fitness goals.

We know that there is a personal story behind the athletic journey that each person takes. Whether you are striving to build endurance, become stronger, improve your physical appearance, or if you are battling to overcome physical or mental health challenges, we are here and we've got you covered.

As we came together to create Aspire, we envisioned a place where, not only could you find the clothing and gear that would inspire you, but also create a place for people to come together as a community, to share and encourage one another. We truly hope that you will share your inspiring stories and pictures of you "gettin it done" in your Aspire gear.

As we evolve, we hope to include events that can bring the athletic community together in healthy competitions, in the form of virtual races, whether you want to compete against others around the world, or just improve and compete against yourself.

Here at Aspire we celebrate the uniqueness of every individual and want to provide clothing that is every bit as unique as you are. It is our goal to help you look and feel comfortable and confident as you step out into whatever activity it is that moves you and makes you feel alive. And of course... it never hurts to look fabulous in between workouts too.

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